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The Angel Ithuriel

Brings to Light the Discovery of God

4 March
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Ithuriel [meaning discovery of God] is one of the 3 deputy sarim of the holy sefiroth serving under the ethnarchy of the angel Sephuriron.

The name Ithuriel occurs in the 16th-century tracts of Issac ha-Cohen of Soria, where the term is interpreted as denoting "a great golden crown"; and in Moses ben Jacob Cordovero's Pardes Rimmonim [Orchard of Pomegranates]. Earlier sources may yet come to light. The name appears also in the grimoires, as in the 1st pentacle of the planet Mars, figured in Mathers', The Greater Key of Solomon, p. 63.

In Paradise Lost IV, 788, John Milton refers to Ithuriel as a cherub ["mistakenly," says Gershom Scholem] who, along with the Zephon, is dispatched by Gabriel to locate Satan. The "grieslie King" is discovered in the Garden of Eden "squat like a Toad close at the ear of Eve." By touching Satan with his spear, Ithuriel causes the Tempter to resume his proper likeness. This incident is illustrated in Hayley's edition of Milton's works [London, 1794]. In John Dryden's, The State of Innocence, Ithuriel figures in the cast of characters of one of 4 angels.

[ooc: Ithuriel is a creation of mythology, Milton and a little of my own tweaking. He’s a mishmash basically. Mike Rowe belongs to himself, no matter how much I wish he was mine. No copyright infringement intended. Don’t sue, I’m broke.]