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Looking for more Ithy? We are now at Dreamwidth under bringstolight because we're not paying for crappy LJ service.

ooc: Gift Giving

'Tis the season and once again this Christmas I've giving my internet friends the gift of fic! I do this every Christmas and it's a blast. I can't wait to see what requests I get this year and how you all respond!

These fics will have no word limits. I'll write as much as it takes to get your request done. If everything goes as planned, everyone will get their requested fic before January 1st.

Feel Free To:
- Make multiple requests. I will pick one to write.
- Leave brief description of what you'd like to see me write.
- If you want it shippy, make sure you put that ship in the request.
- Request a fic genre. Fluffy? Angsty? Comedy? Hurt/Comfort?
- Request a rating. Smut? Or Disney G rating?
- Request canon, RP History based, or completely AU fic.


OOC: How's My Driving?

So, I saw the How's My Driving Meme is back and this isn't a post for you people to tell me how I'm doing. This is my post to say that I love all of you guys and I love every single interaction our muses have had.

Your driving is fantastic and I hope you never give it up.


OOC: A Plea

OOC: New Years Verse Clean Up

It's a new year and time to clean up the verses in my muse journals. Here's Hope's new verse breakdown. Any question? Just ask!

Main Verse:
Location: Journal & Six Word Stories
Tag: Anything Not Tagged Enslaved
Romantic Interest: None
Rundown: Essentially Ithy's canon verse. He's an angel of the Lord who spends a lot of time on Earth granting people discovery. He spends his free time fishing, often with his bare hands and in ways that are most likely dangerous. He is friends with a great deal of humans, but has only granted a gift to House, who asked for it. He advises most, if not all, his brothers on things. Sometimes, they seek out his advice, sometimes he gives it whether they want to hear it or not.

Enslaved Verse:
Location: Journal & Enslaved Comm & Six Word Stories
Romantic Interest: House
Rundown: After years and years of being a slave, Ithuriel gained his freedom when House gave him back his ring. He currently works at an opera house as a bass singer. He's got his own apartment, his own fish and is fumbling his way through a lot of complicated feelings around House. He hasn't killed a Hunter in a long time, but there is still a lot of anger and caution in him, even around his own brothers. He no longer actively looks out for Mihkel, but he keeps an eye open for trouble.

Meme: Let's Spam the Love


my thread


Application for chains_of_grace

That's right folks, I finally got around to that Enslaved AU comm I kept talking about. It took me a very long time to get all the information together. That and it's the holidays, I was busy. But! It's finally up. This is just the application. I figured if I was making all of you do one, I'd do one too.

A Little Personal Info...
Name or Alias: Liz or Moose
AIM: hopexmedic

Now Some Character Info...
Character Name: Ithuriel
Race: Angel

Angels Only:
Status: Free
Owner: N/A


Ithuriel was born on Earth, shortly after God sent the angels down. His father was the angel Sephuriron and his mother was a seraphim. He was raised communially with other angels and had a very peaceful childhood until the Plague. When humans learned how to capture angels, Ithuriel was one of the first caught because he was young and unable to fight back. At first, he fought back quite frequently against his owners and was punished very often. Eventually his will broke and Ithruiel become a model slave.

Most of his enslaved life, Ithuriel has been used for manual labor. He has worked for land owners, raising crops and farming. He has worked in mines, digging out coal and copper. He has worked on high buildings doing construction and sometimes landscaping. Like other angels, he has also been used simply as a sexual object by his owners. He has rarely worked in a home as a servant, but it has happened. He has never rebelled against his Masters, though he has been removed from some homes for abuses.

At his last auction, Ithuriel lashed out in an effort to get his ring. He failed, but this how of spirit brought him to the attention of Greg House. House bought Ithuriel and as far as Masters went there was nothing wrong with House. Ithruiel had a great deal of freedom under House and began to see another side to humanity. It was while Ithuriel was lent out to Cuddy for a brief time that he regained his ring and his freedom. Originally he begged House to keep him, but the doctor set him free anyway. For that, Ithruiel considers House the only human worthy of trust and is his friend.

Freedom was not easy for Ithuriel though. He harbors a deep hatred and anger for the angel trade. This hatred lost him his job as a groundskeeper at the hospital as Cuddy saw him killing a Hunter. He spent a long time without a job. No one would pay an angel when they could get a slave to do the work for free. Out of ideas and on a whim, Ithuriel auditioned at an opera house. The opera’s director hired him immediately.

Now, Ithuriel has a job and is learning how to be free. He is also struggling with his friendship with House, uncertain why the man is suddenly romantically interested in him.

Enslaved Fic: Caged Bird Sings

Ithuriel knew he was reaching a crisis point. The landlord was no longer willing to believe his promises about rent and a job. He had insured that Michael was safe for now, though he did not fully trust the human who owned him. He could, he knew, return to House or make promises to Cuddy that he would stop killing but he wanted neither. He wanted his independence and his vengeance.

But his freedom had a price. No one was willing to hire an angel when they could easily get one on the slave market to work for free. The foremen and contractors he spoke with scoffed and sent him away. Some even outright laughed in his face when he asked for a paying job, one with a living wage. Time and time again, he found his path barred. He did not want to live dependent on someone. He finally had his freedom and he wanted that in the fullest sense. It meant he had to find his own way, pay his own way and not rely on anyone. His pride demanded it.

Standing on a street corner he tucked his wings against himself, trying to shrug off the sting of another rejection. Human prejudiced seemed too thick for even an angel to pass through. He had very little time now, but he turned and started walking. There had to be someone in the world that would take in an angel.

What he found, instead, was music. He heard it above the crowds around him and followed the sound. He had always liked music. It seemed to be a universal trait in angels. The source was the opera house with a sign on the door: "Auditions in Progress". He paused, staring at the doors that led inside thinking on angels and music. Then with an impulsiveness he had learned from House, he opened the doors and stepped inside.

He was immediately faced with many annoyed humans, men and women. Some glared, some looked confused and others looked over his shoulder to see if his Master would follow him in. He closed the door with a definitive snap. He had no Master now, only himself. The humans inside didn't seem to appreciate this. He scanned the faces until he found one that seemed the most open and perhaps willing to talk.

"What are they auditioning for?" he asked in a low voice.

"It's open auditions, they're just looking for new singers. What are you doing here, angelus? You're not going to audition are you?" The human's tone clearly said that this was ridiculous.

Ithuriel scowled at her. "I am."

The human looked shocked, which pleased him. He enjoyed surprising humans. Of course, he was not scheduled, he had no resume or anything to turn over to the officials behind the process. He merely went to the end of the line and waited until he was at the front. When the man with a headset and a clipboard looked annoyed that he had none of the paperwork required for this, Ithuriel merely shoved him out of the way with a wing and strode onto the stage.

"Marty, what's an angelus doing here? Can someone find his Master and get him out of here? We're pressed for time..." a woman in the front row said, looking around in frustration. She sat next to a man who was frowning at him too.

"I'm here to audition," Ithuriel said, drawing himself up.

"Audition? That's ridiculous, angelus get off the stage before you're punished," the woman said, looking him over with scorn.

"Really?" The frowning man rolled his eyes. "We don't have time for such antics, if you please just..."

Ithuriel drew in a breath and cut them both off. He knew a lot of songs and had been around when many of the classical operas had been written. Amor ti Vieta from Fedora was a short, simple aria and easy enough for Ithuriel to use to distract them. His voice was a little deep for it. He was actually better suited for bass but he was an angel and a gifted singer. He left the angry woman and frowning man with open mouths when he finished.

"Sing Grech, can you?" The frowning man leapt to his feet. "Do you know it angelus?"

"Robert, what are you doing?" The woman stammered out. "You can't possibly be considering..."

"Did you hear him, Julia? That voice, it would make us the most famous opera house in the world! Think of the tickets you could sell. The only opera company in the world with an angelus."

"His Master..."

"I am my own Master," Ithuriel broke in, holding up his hand to show his ring. "If you want me to sing, I demand pay. I will not sing for free."

"Pay an angelus?" The woman scoffs.

"Anything, we'll pay you just like the others." The man climbed onto the stage and came towards him, holding out a hand. "Julia, we need his voice. I can't put on this show, any show without that voice."

"You're making an impulsive decision, Robert."

"I don't care, I don't care at all. If you want me for this opera house, you'll give me this voice. Get a contract. Marty! Get a contract!" The man grabbed Ithuriel's hand and shook it. "I promise you this, angelus..."

"Ithuriel," he drew his hand back. "My name is Ithuriel."

"Yes, yes, Ithuriel. Fine. I promise you, you'll be the most famous angel in the world for this."

He shrugged. He cared little for fame, having a paying job was what he wanted and needed. He could keep his freedom.